Aljoma Lumber Sapele


Sapele, also known as Sapelli, is an abundant African hardwood that finishes beautifully and is easily workable with both hand and machine tools. It is ideally suited for furniture and cabinetwork, high-end moulding, joinery, and flooring. Medium to dark red-brown in color (and occasionally purple-brown), it is dimensionally stable, with excellent nail-holding capabilities.

Sapele Specifications
Common name Scientific name Color Grain pattern Features Common uses Specific gravity
Sapele or Sapelli Entandrophragma Cylindricum Medium to dark red/brown, sometimes purple/brown Interlocked to wavy grain Fine texture, excellent nail holding, dimensionally stable, easy to work with hand and machine tools Furniture and cabinetwork, high-end moulding, joinery, and flooring 0.55
Weight Machining Gluing Nailing Finishing Grade Specs
650kg Very Good Good Excellent Good FAS 4/4 through 12/4 x RWL