Aljoma Lumber: Your Source for Quality Wood Products

At Aljoma Lumber, we take pride in providing the most cost-efficient lumber packages. We offer a variety of popular domestic and imported hardwoods for home centers, wholesale distributors, and manufacturers around the world. Aljoma is a leader in pressure-treated lumber, industrial lumber, plywood, hardwoods, softwoods, concrete forming products, industrial products and much more.

Using ample inventories and an extensive network of suppliers to be delivered with minimum lead times, Aljoma is your number one source for quality lumber products.

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Concrete Forming

From dimensional lumber to wet curing, Aljoma Lumber has your wood-based forming product needs covered.

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ProWood Micro

Tested. Proven. Reliable

ProWood pressure-treated wood provides increased performance with reduced environmental impact.

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Meranti Plywood

Superior Quality Plywood

Plywood and panel products from all over the world. FSC products, UV-coating and barcode services available.

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