Aljoma Lumber

Build with Wood

Manufacturing processes use less energy

Wood products make up 47% of all industrial raw material manufactured in the U.S., yet consume only 4% of the energy needed to do that. Comparing total energy costs of other building materials – the costs to acquire the raw material, transport it, process it into a useful product and then use it – wood outshines its competitors. For example, steel wall studs require almost nine times more energy to produce than wood studs.

Wood products help reduce global warming

Our lumber products are produced from plentiful, fast-growing species of trees from managed forestland. Young-growth trees remove millions of tons of carbon each year, which helps reduce global warming.

Life-cycle analysis shows advantages

Environmentalists use life-cycle analysis to measure the environmental impact of a product. The life-cycle analysis of wood shows that it’s environmentally superior because it uses renewable resources and recycled material requires little energy to produce and distribute, and produces little waste.