Meranti Plywood

Meranti Plywood

Also known as Lauan Plywood, Meranti Plywood is an ideal plywood for lamination, custom cabinetry, and other interior and exterior applications. Imported from Indonesia and Malaysia, this product’s clarity and low cost have made it a popular choice for manufacturers and builders worldwide.

Meranti Plywood Specifications
Origin Specifications Glue Grade Dimensions

Indonesia and Malaysia

Rotary-cut Meranti face/back plywood with Meranti or other tropical hardwood core. MR - Type II – Interior
LFE - Low Formaldehyde Emission
MEL – Melamine Type 1 exterior
WBP – Phenol Type 1 exterior

According to IWPA Grading Rules

2.7MM 4X8’, 3X7’
3.4MM 4X8’,4X9’,4X10’,4X7’,4X71/2’
4.8MM 4X8’,4X9’
5.0MM 4X8’,4X9’
5.2MM 4X8’,4X9’
5.5MM 4X8’
Other sizes available upon request. Panels 2.7MM-5.5MM Grade OVL/BTR with reject back unless otherwise specified. Sound sanded backs upon request.

9MM (8.5MM No Minus) BB/CC
12MM (11.5MM No Minus) BB/CC
15MM (14.5MM No Minus) BB/CC
18MM (17.5MM No Minus) BB/CC
Panels produced with sound sanded back