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Pilot Custom Cases

Pilot Custom Cases

Protect expensive equipment on the go

Pilot Custom Cases are customized to protect your product in any environment. A case designed with the end use in mind will safeguard and extend the life of the product. Not only does Pilot Custom Cases add value to your brand, but it also keeps your contents organized for efficiency and has charging capabilities for electronics. Our engineers will work with you to build a solution that gets even the most sensitive equipment to the job site – safely and securely.With high-tech manufacturing capabilities, Pilot Custom Cases has thousands of size and configuration options plus custom tooling to design a case that will perform

Cases engineered to order – from the outside in:

  • High-density polyethylene molded to exact specs
  • Built to keep the enemy out – whether it’s water, fire, dust, chemicals, static electricity – even electromagnetic interference
  • Engineered to protect against drops, bangs and vibrations
  • Cut-to-spec foam to cradle each component
  • Many options for hardware, handle, wheel and caster
  • Custom color matching, so your company will stand out
  • Logos & graphics can also be added