Aljoma Lumber Spanish Cedar

Spanish Cedar

Spanish Cedar is an excellent, economical alternative to Genuine Mahogany for our budget-conscious customers. Like Mahogany, Spanish Cedar can be worked very easily, giving good results in all machining operations. A light but strong, straight-grained, and durable wood, Spanish Cedar is well-suited for millwork, cabinets, fine furniture, boat-building patterns, musical instruments, and a multitude of other uses. It is stable and not prone to work, and it has superior nail-holding capabilities. The heartwood of Spanish Cedar is pink to pale pink-brown and is characterized by a pleasant, "cedary" odor.

Spanish Cedar Specifications
Common name Scientific name Color Grain pattern Features Common uses Specific gravity
Spanish Cedar Cedrella Odorata Light pink/brown heartwood Generally straight-grained with some interlocking Easy to work with, stable, resists warping Millwork, doors, windows, fine furniture, boat fixtures approximately 0.40 (at 12% M.C.), but varies according to origin
Weight Machining Gluing Nailing Finishing Grade Specs
about 3,000lbs/MBF when dried

No difficulty

Good Good holding of nails Good #1 common and better 4/4 through 12/4 x RWL