Aljoma Lumber Genuine Mahogany

Genuine Mahogany

Since its discovery by the first Spanish explorers to the new world, Mahogany has been treasured for its rich, red-brown beauty, stability, and workability. From the ships of explorer Cortes, to the palace of King Philip II of Spain, to England’s Nottingham Castle, mahogany has been the hardwood of choice for some of the world’s most significant structures.

From 1715 to today, Mahogany has been imported and exported all over the globe to make high-end tables, chairs, chests, bedsteads and other furniture. Beyond furniture, Mahogany is ideal for high-grade joinery, shop-fittings, showcases, counters, and interior decoration. Its greatest virtues are its easy workability and stability; once shaped, it does not shrink or warp. Moreover, it is naturally durable and can be readily polished to a glossy luster.

To satisfy the always strong demand for Mahogany, Aljoma always stocks a large supply of Mahogany in various sizes. For our budget-conscious customers, we also carry less expensive alternatives like Spanish Cedar, Sapele, Khaya and Royal Mahogany.

Genuine Mahogany Specifications
Common name Scientific name Color Grain pattern Features Common uses Specific gravity Weight
Mahogany Swietenia Macrophylla Rich, copper-red color Light grain Easy to work with, stable, resists warping high-grade joinery, shop-fittings, showcases, counters, and interior decoration 0.45 625kg
Machining Gluing Nailing Finishing Grade Species Sizes  
Good Good Good Excellent FAS/Selects and Pattern Grade Mahogany 4/4 through 12/4 x RWL