Aljoma Lumber Brazillian Keruing

Brazilian Keruing

Brazilian Keruing is a very good and economical alternative to Southeast Asian Keruing. Available in substantial quantities, Brazilian Keruing heartwood is pinkish-brown to reddish-brown. It is highly resistant to decay with a medium to coarse texture. The grain is slightly interlocked and sometimes wavy.

Brazilian Keruing Specifications
Common name Scientific name Color Grain pattern Features Common uses Weight
Brazilian Keruing Hymenolobium Excelsum Pink-brown to red-brown heartwood Slightly interlocked, sometimes wavy Resistant to decay, medium to coarse texture, available in substantial quantities Flooring, Decking, interior and exterior furniture, moldings, shelving, etc. Basic specific gravity: 0.65 at 12% M.C. (metric):  730kg/m3
Machining Gluing Nailing Finishing Grade Specs  
No difficulties Good No difficulties Good #1 Common and Better 5/4 and 6/4 x 6-8” x 8’ thru 20’