Aljoma Lumber Cumaru


Native to the tropical forests of South America, Cumarú is often used for exterior joinery, railroad ties, flooring, decking and many other purposes. Its heartwood is beige to light-brown sometimes purplish-brown. Cumarú is a coarse-textured, very heavy wood that is hard to work with but finishes quite smoothly. Aljoma currently offers Cumarú decking in the most popular sizes.

Cumarú Specifications
Common name Scientific name Color Grain pattern Features Common uses Specific gravity
Cumarú Dipteryx Odorata Pale pink-brown to purplish-brown heartwood Interlocked Coarse texture, very heavy and dense, somewhat difficult to work with, finishes smoothly. Heavy construction, decking, flooring, crossties, and many other purposes 0.91
Weight Machining Gluing Nailing Finishing Grade Specs
Approx. 1,200kg/m3 when green and 1,070 kg/m3 at 12% M.C. somewhat difficult Medium Good holding of nails Good FAS S4S, E4E,
7' up - 5/4 x 6 - 5/4 x 4 - 1 x 4