Aljoma Export Lumber

Export Capabilities

At Aljoma, exporting is one of our specialties. We export a broad lineup of products to over 30 countries throughout the Caribbean and Central America. We also ship from all ports in South Florida and the Gulf Ports or directly from South America and China.

To provide you with the most cost-efficient lumber packages, we’ve developed strong mill-direct alliances with North and South America’s largest producers. We make personal visits to these mills to audit their production and forge relationships that assure us quality fiber and excellent pricing. Ample inventories are available in our Medley yard or can be procured from our extensive network of suppliers to be delivered with minimum lead times.

Other Aljoma products include patterns, gypsum board, cement board, roofing shingles and lattice.

Single Source

From site built construction products, pressure-treated lumber, concrete forming and furniture plywood to dimensional pine and spruce pine fir lumber, Aljoma Lumber is the most reliable single source supplier that will support your needs on every shipment.

Efficient Exporting

Aljoma’s cargo is transported quickly, so there’s no waiting on third party logistics. With weekly export service to all of the Caribbean, you can rest assured your products will arrive on time. And because we’re the only supplier in the area who uses their own custom-made flat racks and shipping platforms, we’re also the most flexible.