Our Impact

As a wood treater, we use less energy than manufacturers of comparable steel or plastic products, extend the life of wood products and use fast-growing species from managed forests.

As a responsible employer and corporate citizen in our community, our facility is an environmentally protective, closed-loop system and is operated and monitored by our staff of scientists and production and regulatory specialists. We recycle the solution used to treat lumber and our treating plant has zero wastewater discharge. Our policies are designed to ensure safe operation with minimal waste.

Our Business

Aljoma is a link in the lumber and building material distribution chain in the U.S. and world, and a leading secondary manufacturer and distributor of lumber and building products. Although we do not own forests or harvest logs, our business and success are built on lumber; we have a vested interest of ensuring a healthy environment in which trees can grow and thrive.

Our Commitment

We carry the mantle of leadership with a great respect for our resources and a great sense of responsibility to our customers, our people, and our environment. We pledge to be a responsible steward of our environment so our business can thrive and so future generations can prosper on a healthy planet.